What Type of Garage Door Material Should You Choose?

There are a number of materials that you can choose from when it comes to garage doors. Depending on your needs, budget, and climate, there may be a certain material that’s best suited for you.


This is the most popular material for garage doors, since it’s durable and lasts a lifetime. They’re also affordable, and come in all sorts of different styles. They can be painted any color you like, and can even come in textures that mimic wood.


There are many characteristics of aluminum garage doors that are similar to those of steel, such as optional faux wood textures. Aluminum is lighter in weight compared to steel, and is also less expensive; however, it’s more likely to dent. Contacting a garage door contractor will help you identify all the residential projects available for your garage door.


Original garage doors were constructed out of wood, and this material continues to be very popular among homeowners who wish to keep a tradition look and feel to their homes. Wood garage doors come in all sorts of styles, and can also include windows.


Fiberglass garage doors only represent a small part of the market, but they are increasing in popularity. The panels are encased in aluminum frames and can be painted in any color. They offer greater resistance to dents compared to thin steel.

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