UTV Trail Riding Parts Guide

Most UTVs are built for the trails, as we would imagine that the majority of UTV owners spend their time on trails more than anywhere else.  UTVs are usually built as fairly barebones vehicles, however there is an increasing trend toward deluxe activity-specific models like the new High Lifter Edition RZR XP 1000 that was built specifically for mudding.  There are a few trail specific models like the Arctic Cat XC, designed specifically for ATV trails, but that is about as specialized as most UTV trail models get.  Fortunately we’ve compiled a list of some of the essential parts that you should fit your UTV with before you hit the trails, particularly for full day trail rides.

Trail Tires:

First and foremost, traction is a critical part of safe trail riding. Fortunately, most UTVs come from the showroom with trail tires, but if you bought your UTV used, it may be fitted with mud tires or worse, sand tires that will have you slipping and sliding all over the trail, potentially causing a very serious situation.  Every ATV tire company makes a wide selection of trail tires, and size is not all that important, although the condition of your tires is.

Full Skid Plates:

The stock skid plates on most UTVs are little more than bare coverage, flimsy plastic plates that do almost nothing to protect your vulnerable undercarriage.  A skid plate that covers the vehicle’s underside from front to rear differential is the minimal required coverage, and if you are an aggressive driver, you should definitely consider a-arm guards and trailing arm guards.  While you can get good plates in both steel and aluminum, we always recommend ultra high molecular weight plastic plates that won’t bend or break,  and are virtually invincible when it comes to impacts. For the best Can Am Commander accessories and parts online, visit www.sbsparts.com.