The 10 Tools Homesteaders Need to Own

hand toolsWhether you’re an experienced homesteader or you are new to the world of self-sufficient landscape care, there are certain core tools that you need to have available to handle any job. With a little elbow grease and ingenuity, hand tools can help you accomplish just about anything outdoors. Make sure you’re properly equipped with these crucial items.

The Shovel


A good round-point shovel is one of the most versatile tools at your disposal, capable of digging, scooping, and cutting with its beveled edge. This indispensible piece of equipment won’t set you back much, either, making it an excellent value overall.

The Rake

There are two primary types of rake: plastic or metal-toothed. A plastic rake is less costly, and best for piling up leaves and other yard waste for disposal. The metal style is suited to combing through dirt and rocks for heavier-duty work.

The Axe

Hand axes are helpful to have for cutting wood, chopping tree branches, or any other smaller cutting duty that requires heavy striking force. Saws can be beneficial additions as well.

The Hammer

Another all-round helpful tool, the claw hammer combines driving capability with a curved metal claw for removing nails, as well as other general prying and leverage applications.

The Shears

Smaller bypass shears are good for flower stems and detailed jobs. Hedge shears are the next step up in size, and looping shears are best for tougher jobs such as cutting smaller tree limbs.

The Trowel

A shovel is a great tool to have, but sometimes you need to be more detail-oriented. Trowels are great for digging small holes, such as for planting seedlings.

The Drill

A handheld drill can be vital, allowing you to bore holes in a range of materials for placement of screws, anchors, or other fixtures. Cordless options provide ideal portability for field use.

The Screwdriver Set

You’ll want to have various sizes of Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers to accomplish many different tasks. Powered and specialty drivers are available for big jobs and tough angles.

The Hand Planer

Working with timber means you’ll want one of these. A wood plane will assist you in smoothing and shaping pieces of lumber, which can be crucial when straight edges are necessary.

The Gloves

Finally, no homesteader’s equipment list is complete without protection. Different styles of gardening and work gloves offer various levels of dexterity, durability, and thickness to suit any job. Keep your hands safe and keep yourself working strong.

The Conclusion


Homesteaders are used to independence, and good set of reliable tools is one of the first steps in achieving self-sufficiency. Always make sure you’re using the right tool for the job to prevent injury and accomplish the job efficiently. After all, there’s always more outdoor work just waiting in the wings!