Reclaiming and Recycling

Asphalt is something nearly every single person in the United States will use at some point, whether they think about it or not. It’s everywhere, on the streets we walk on and in the paths we walk. What most people don’t realize is that asphalt is becoming progressively recycled and reused. Of course, most people don’t need to think about it.

Some people do need to worry about those changes, though. Part of the job of an asphalt contractor is to be aware of changing conditions in the market. New changes in reclaimed asphalt pavement technology means that more and more asphalt is getting reused. Its reliability as a material has led to it becoming a greater component of mixes when asphalt is created.

What most people don’t realize is that the asphalt industry actually leads the country in recycling. 99% of asphalt pavement is reused, and asphalt mixtures usually contain anywhere from 16% to 20% reclaimed asphalt. There are benefits for everyone involved. Reclaiming means less stress on the environment, since recycling always helps reduce the amount of new materials required. It also helps keep prices down, which makes it a valuable in the production process.