Plantation Shutters Are a Win-Win Home Improvement for Your Windows

I like traditional looking homes. In those homes I like to see lots of wood. I like fine wood cabinetry, subtly ornate doors, quality hardwood window trim, heavy balustrades and balusters and hardwood floors. Not those fake hardwood floors made of various veneered materials but true hardwood such as thick oak planks. One thing that struck me as a must have for our home was when we were visiting relatives who remodeled. They had custom orange county shutters installed on all of their windows.

These are not shutters that go on the outside of windows. Those date back to when windows were just openings before glass was used to cover them. Shutters closed the openings at night and during storms. They were on the inside. In storm areas after glass was used to make what we know as modern windows, many shutter systems were on the outside. You could open the window to grab the shutters and close them. These plantation shutters go on the inside of the house. They are made in custom sizes for each window, they have fully adjustable louvers, you can pick the color and style you want and you can even fully open them out of the way.

They really control light, and that controls heat. I like it that they eliminate the need for other window treatments because they are so good looking. For privacy, you just close them. When you want full light in a room, open them all the way. If you want to filter the incoming light strength, just adjust the louvers open or closed. The shutters become part of the architecture of the house. They greatly increase curb appeal, and they actually add to the value of a home rather than being an improvement that takes away from home value. This is all win-win as far as I am concerned.