How to Build an Incredible Working Environment

According to KubaJewgieniew, CEO of Realty ONE Group, having a real office is crucial to encouraging a team mentality in your office. While many industries switch to virtual offices, some of the virtues of having an office might be easy to miss out on. Things like company culture, appearances and quality of life in the office all have an effect on employee productivity and overall work ethic.

Create an Attractive Space

Realty ONE Group made a strategic decision to focus its efforts on developing high-end offices with conference rooms that staff can invite clients to and meet in private. That space is a selling point to working with the company, and your office space can be too if you focus on creating something attractive. True, an office can serve as just a workspace. But an office with attention to detail can give you a return on investment.

Pay Attention to the Day to Day

All the little things about your office make a huge difference. For instance, air conditioning and the temperature. Too hot or too cold and you risk your employees become listless or being unable to focus. Consider also that formal attire can heat people up, so it may be best to use cooler settings in the office.

Neighbors Can Make a Difference

If you’re a startup, look for buildings that host other startups. Even one other office focused on growth and dealing with some of the same challenges as you can make for an excellent neighbor, and improve team building outside of work.