Getting Started on the Outside of the House

I have just now gotten around to fixing up the exterior of the house. We decided that we would put some real plantation shutters on the place as a decorative touch. When we bought the house someone had removed the old shutters, I can not say why. My guess is that something happened to one of them and they took them all down rather than just replace the one that needed to be replaced. It is hard to figure out why you would not just get another, but perhaps they were unable to afford it or maybe they took them down with the intention of replacing them and just never got it done. At any rate that was a very simple job. We wanted to make sure we got the look that we wanted and so I sort of tried to figure out what the would look like before be bought them. It was a pretty simple job really. My brother in law happened to come by and he helped me out, so it was done in no time flat.

My next project is going to be a lot more complicated. I am going to build a little Koi pond. I always wanted one of these just like one of my neighbors had when I was a kid, although I am not sure I am going to able to make it as cool as the one he had. He his in the middle of his driveway. It was about 8 feet across and had a brick faced wall around it. It was like a a circular bench. Of course I thought it was really cool as a little kid, but of course little kids are really impressed quite easily. I am working on the plans right now and trying to figure out the exact size and location.