Designing A Room From the Top Down

If you were to analyze your basic room, you would see that it consists of six very different spaces. You have four walls that take up much of the space. You have the floor which takes up 1/6 of the space and you also have the ceiling which takes up 1/6 of the total space as well. Each one of these areas can have a huge impact on the way a room looks and feels. Designing all of these spaces to work together and complement each other can be a little tricky to say the least. Here are a handful of great ideas for your ceiling.

Color VS Size

Ceilings that are lighter in color obviously have a very different effect than ceilings that are darker in color. Darker colored ceilings can give a room the illusion of a smaller space. Depending on your outlook on things, darker ceilings could make a room feel claustrophobic or it could feel cozy. Lighter colored ceilings have the opposite effect. They can make a room feel larger than it really is.

Wooden Ceilings

A ceiling made from tongue and groove lumber can really have a huge impact on a room. Timber invokes that rustic, hearty look that can be difficult to dislike. If your home has that classic long cabin vibe to it, then this is the only ceiling option worth considering.

Don’t Forget Light Options

Every room needs some fort of lighting. It could be bright fluorescent lights, soft lamp lights or a blazing skylight. Each of these different types of lighting can and will have a huge impact on the way a room feels. Do you want the room to be bright and airy or would you prefer a low lit more romantic feel to it? Choose your lighting accordingly and transform your room into a beautiful place.